Tempo Perdido – Livro de Leah

Publisher: Agir (2013) – Pages: 361
ISBN: 9788522013272

TEMPO PERDIDO (series 2011 / 2012)

Using historical events as a background, the author dives into the absorbing love story of Joaquim and Leah. Each book is narrated by one of the main characters in different perspectives, showing how dissimilar a man and a woman perceive their lives. Although the books are independent of each other, the reading of both will enrich the reader’s experience and reveal much more of one another.

Tempo perdido: Livro de Leah (2012)

In 1824 Leah is a 17yo Brazilian encouraged by the independency of her country but sent, against her will, to an arranged marriage in Lisbon. When her ship stops at the island of Fernando de Noronha, she falls in love with a 27 year old shipbuilder named Joaquim. During one night at the beach a magic star falls down from the sky into the ocean, transferring it’s eternal life to the couple, who stops aging. Leah is forced to embark to Lisbon, but on the way she finds out that she’s pregnant. After losing the child, she begins her journey of search for Joaquim. In the 1830s, Leah travels by horse to Paris, where she finds happiness with António, living as a model and later as a harlot. In New York of the 1900s she works as a seamstress and fights for women’s rights, then falls in love with Russian Rachel, with whom she goes to Russia to help in the 1917 Revolution. After having an affair with leader Stalin and leaving in a gulag, she travels to Japan where she becomes a photographer and marries Takuro. Soon her life is blown away when the atomic bombs are dropped. Leah then starts over in San Francisco, embraces love and peace, experiences Woodstock and raises Nikka as her daughter. In the 1980s she goes to troubled Argentina and later to Angola – always looking for Joaquim.

In 2012 Leah follows her instincts and finds Joaquim at their own starting point: Fernando de Noronha. To be together they still have to face painful memories and regain confidence, but they know that their love can never be broken.

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