Laura Malin Since all biographies are somewhat fictional (obviously) let me tell you the fairy tale of my life. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1974, the only child of Ana and Mauro. Because of political issues, I spent part of my early childhood moving from place to place. First, Petropolis then Salvador, both in Brazil, then to California (where we were constantly followed by spies even at Disneyland!) and finally, Paris. By the time I was six years old I was already an international kid who spoke in French and thought in Portuguese.

When we returned to Rio de Janeiro, in 1980, Ana and Mauro decided to no longer share the same roof. At about that time I wrote my first book, “The Case of the Punjabi List.” I gave it to my family as a Christmas present. The rest of my childhood I spent doing what every other normal child does like, traveling around with my friends, swimming at the amazing beaches in Rio, kissing boys, ballet, going to the circus, playing saxophone, studying and spending hours on the phone. I went to great schools where I met the best friends anybody could have and gained a very broad understanding of what life is really about.

When I was 15 I returned to France, where I discovered a real passion when I walked the red carpet on a trip to the Cannes Film Festival; the movies. After a year in France I moved back home to Brazil and in 1992 I graduated with a degree in Journalism from Catholic University in Rio. At that time I met my future husband Danton on the sands of the famous Ipanema beach. Between that magical evening when we first met and the beginning of our relationship only eight days had passed. The relationship lasted 12 years and gave us two wonderful daughters, Luisa and Alice.

During the early 1990’s I worked as a translator and journalist. Then I decided I wanted to fulfill my passion and become a screenwriter so I began studying screenwriting and writing at UC Berkeley. After completing my courses I moved to Los Angeles and got an agent – and once you get the taste of Hollywood you just want more. Since then, I’ve never stopped working in show biz.

Back in Rio de Janeiro in 2000, I started writing for TV and I made my debut as the creator and staff writer on a TV drama series called Turma do Gueto – a revolutionary project about the “street favelas.” I also collaborated on film and television projects out of the country, in such varied places as Angola, Paris and Los Angeles. In 2004, my first novel, Julio & Juliano, was published which gave me confidence to pursue my dream to not only write for the screen but to be a novelist.

Now I am fulfilling my biggest dream… becoming a full time writer. I’ve just released two separate yet complementary novels called Tempo Perdido. I’m looking forward to having them translated and released in English and other languages.

This year I’m back to writing TV. Very soon my first kid’s book will come out, Nada D+, and I’m just finishing a biography on one of the first Brazilian top models ever, Luiza Brunet.

Most important of all is my crazy love for what I do. I must say that I not only write for a living but I live to write. That’s it, folks! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!


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